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Three Surveys to Aid Client Purchasing Decision

Exquisite Victorian Property

Our task of surveying an exquisite Victorian property along the East Yorkshire Coast for one of our clients proved to be an insightful journey. Our thorough examination revealed a spectrum of potentially costly repairs, some of which required immediate attention before occupancy. Consequently, the discerning investor opted against the initial property. However, keen on acquiring a property in the scenic location overlooking Filey Bay, they requested further surveys to find the right fit for their move North. Unfortunately, the survey of the second flat in the same building yielded the same result.

Three Surveys to Make the Right Choice

We have undertaken a third survey for this client, located further along the crescent in Filey, and we are hopeful for a successful negotiation and purchase on their behalf.

While the final decision to purchase this third flat is still pending, this scenario serves as a great example of the prudence in avoiding unforeseen expenses down the road. 

Investing in a comprehensive building survey is a comparatively low-cost measure, especially when compared with unanticipated building repairs that could amount to significant sums. It exemplifies proactive decision-making in property investment.

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