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Surveying Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings – The Chartered Building Surveyor’s Role

As chartered building surveyors, DMP plays a crucial role in the preservation and maintenance of listed buildings, structures of historical and architectural significance protected by heritage laws. The team at DMP brings a unique skill set to navigate the complexities associated with this type of property.

DMP has been working with the almshouse charity, Beverley Housing Charity (BHC), formerly Beverley Consolidated Charity, since 2019. Founded more than 200 years ago, the charity provides housing to local people of retirement age who are in housing and financial need.

Condition of Almshouses in Beverley

The team has been conducting comprehensive surveys to assess the condition of the properties, identifying any structural issues, decay, or potential risks. This involves a detailed examination of materials, construction techniques, and, in the case of some of the more special properties such as: Ann Routh and Charles Warton, historical features.

Some of Beverley Housing Charity‘s properties date back to the 1700s. With a stock of 161 properties, including individual homes and multiple occupancy units, the team at DMP has been advising BHC on the condition of the buildings. This includes providing a brief and specification of works, tendering, and project-managing local construction firms carrying out the work while ensuring renovations comply with both heritage and modern building regulations.

We assist BHC in obtaining necessary permissions and provide expert advice on preserving the building’s character while incorporating modern amenities. Additionally, we offer cost-effective solutions for maintenance and restoration, addressing issues like damp, decay, or subsidence.

Through this multifaceted approach, we are pleased to be making a valuable contribution to the conservation and sustainable use of listed buildings, preserving cultural heritage for future generations.

Two Hundred Year Anniversary of Charles Warton’s 

Celebrating its 200th Anniversary this year, Charles Warton’s hospital on Minster Moorgate was originally built in 1689 as single-story almshouses for six poor widows by Charles Warton. The hospital was funded by a legacy from his late father, Michael Warton.

In 1774, Sir Michael Warton undertook the hospital’s reconstruction, and by the mid-19th century, the entire building had been expanded to two stories, accommodating 17 widows. Over the years, the hospital underwent gradual refurbishment, and in 1995, the fourteen bedsits, communal bathrooms, and toilets were transformed into seven self-contained flats by the charity.

In more recent years, the charity extended the rear wing of the building to create four additional flats, two on the ground floor and two on the first floor. However, the size and configuration of these units were not suitable for today’s living standards and lacked adequate accessibility for residents with even minor mobility issues. These units have been refurbished by Hobson and Porter, providing superb accommodation for residents, with an amazing view of Beverley Minster.

Ann Routh’s Almshouses

Ann Routh’s Almshouses were built around 1749 in Keldgate in the Georgian era. They were designed by James Moyser and built by Thomas Wrightson. An inscribed tablet reads: ‘This hospital was built in the year 1749 by the Mayor and Aldermen of the Town according to the will of the late Ann Routh Moore, late of this Town, to whom her first husband Mr Chris Moore leaving a sum of £100 a year with which she endowed this hospital for the maintenance of 12 poor old women of the parishes of St John and St Martin’s in the Town frequenting the Church’. The building has the Firemark of the Sun Assurance company attached. The company was set up in 1710 and had their own fire brigade to put out fires in buildings, insured with them and showing their mark.

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