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Defect Analysis

Elements of buildings deteriorate depending on the level of maintenance received and are affected by a number of factors such as external conditions, thermal movement, poor construction etc. Deleterious materials have long been identified within the industry and are not only materials that are dangerous to health or which are the causes of failures in buildings, but increasingly, materials which are environmentally damaging.

Many building owners are unaware of the condition of their properties and until failure of an element occurs, no maintenance/inspection has usually been undertaken. A Defect Analysis carried out by Delaney Marling Partnership will identify problems within properties that need to be addressed immediately, along with those issues that are likely to arise long term.

Defect Analysis surveys can be carried out on any commercial or residential building and can take the form of a general survey or a specific search for a suspected problem/issue.

For example, buildings can be surveyed for structural issues before a programme or remedial repair is undertaken or should a property owner be worried about damp issues, a defect analysis can be commissioned to investigate the problem.

When undertaking a Defect Analysis survey Delaney Marling Partnership will not only identify issues, but will recommend solutions to any defect that they find. This kind of survey can save property owners a lot of time and money by pinpointing issues or potential problems early enough, for remedial work to be undertaken at an early stage before major problems arise.

Property owners sometimes go directly to contractors looking for a solution to a defect. This is often the case with damp issues with building owner going directly to a damp proofing company to solve a damp issue when the solution may not be to inject a new damp course, but often this will be specified as the solution by the contractor.

Contractors can sometimes they can assist and help, but we find often they only provide a part solution/solve the result of the defect, or undertake the wrong work at the cost of the property owner. Delaney Marling can assist by diagnosing the defect/cause then specify the repair to the defect.

Often a property will not require a full building survey, but if the owner is concerned about a real or suspected problem a Defect Analysis report will flag up any potential issues.

As we mentioned, buildings naturally deteriorate and change over time so, commissioning a Defect Analysis survey is a sensible safeguard against minor problems being allowed to deteriorate. A programme of maintenance work can be identified along with associated costs to assist the building owner plan/budget long term.

The team at Delaney Marling Partnership are industry experts in surveying all types and sizes of both commercial and residential properties. A Defect Analysis report prepared from ourselves will ensure that the property owner will not be faced with major remedial works in the future.

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