Longest-Standing Client

Since 2008, we have partnered with Revive Church, our longest-standing client. Our journey together began when they were situated in an industrial unit on Bridlington Avenue in Hull, where were explored strategies to optimise the site to accommodate a growing congregation. This encompassed compiling specifications, tendering for construction projects, and navigating the complexities of securing planning permissions, all while orchestrating a diverse team comprising architects, structural engineers, and other industry professionals.

Subsequently, we repeated this process for a prospective new build site within the Kingswood Estate, calculating the requisite budgets for a bespoke construction tailored to our client’s needs. However, upon thorough evaluation, it became evident that the financial viability of such an extensive project was not feasible. Despite this setback, our commitment to Revive Church remained steadfast. Over the years, we’ve conducted comprehensive property surveys on their behalf, providing invaluable insights and guidance.

Credit: Revive Church

In the interim, as Revive Church temporarily occupied several properties in the Kingswood area, their growth persisted. By 2016, they had outgrown their Kingswood location, prompting us to continue advising them on various ventures. Most recently, we were pleased to learn of their ambitious plan to acquire Let Loose Adventure Park in Woodmansey, with the aim of enriching the lives of young people. We are pleased to support them and look forward to contributing to their continued success.

Following extensive renovations, the new church is set to open for the May half-term. Church leaders said it seemed “a lot more cool” than opting for a traditional church.

DMP is actively involved in supporting the renovations, aiming to make the building suitable for year-round use. Rev Cooper, our client, highlighted that the park features the “biggest dome in the north of the UK,” which is currently being insulated to ensure a cozy environment during the winter months. While the park will continue its usual summer operations, in winter, it will be available for corporate clients or for use by youth groups and schools.

Previously headquartered in Kingswood House, plans for a ‘mega church’ were reconsidered after the pandemic led to building costs doubling. With the congregation growing from 200 to 650, the church required more space.

Credit: Revive Church

Speaking to the BBC earlier this year, Rev Cooper said: “It’s amazing when kids come on site. They are not looking at their phones; they are beginning to connect and interact with each other, and that’s what you want. People are going to find faith, adventure, and good mental health. It can all happen in a place like this, and we will continue to run the business as a social enterprise, as Let Loose has huge potential to draw people for events, services, concerts, and fun activities.”

Revive Church is currently accepting donations to support the refurbishments which include heating, insulation, decoration, and acoustical treatment for the dome, as well as decorating the cafe, installing new toilets, heating, and upgrading the kitchen. Additional improvements involve decorating and heating the tipi, enhancing the park entrance and pathways, and renovating the reception area.

Credit: Revive Church

DMP continues to work with local organisations to understand the full extent of work needed to complete on a variety of different properties including schools, churches, listed buildings, commercial properties and residential homes.