Simon Delaney of Delaney Marling Partnership has worked as the Building Surveyor to the Beverley Minster Old Fund since January 2017.

The Minster is one of the oldest buildings in the East Riding of Yorkshire with its roots dating back to the 8th Century. The iconic landmark stands proudly on the skyline and appeals to visitors and tourists from around the world, as a place of worship along with its stunning medieval architecture. The Beverley Minster Old Fund is one of the countries oldest charities formed in 1579 as the Queen Elizabeth’s Church Endowment.

The filming of King Charles III, Victoria and Gun Powder have further enhanced the Minster’s appeal to visitors as well as to film companies in the US, as it doubles for Westminster Abbey in BBC and ITV dramas.

Simon Delaney pictured inside the historic Beverley Minster

A building of this age and status requires significant maintenance and tender loving care, whilst adhering to good conservation practice.

Areas of the Minster are almost 900 years old with building work commencing before the 13th Century and taking over 225 years to complete. However, the mere fact that Beverley Minster is still standing proudly, is a testament to the robust building practices that were used all those years ago.

Simon has been working with the maintenance team and the stonemasons at the Minster whilst they replace the pinnacles on the roof. Alongside this, he also manages the fantastic maintenance team who conduct essential work to the main fabric of the building, replacing windows, fixing the roof and doing all those essential bits of maintenance work that keep the building in such a good condition.

The Minster is an important place to so many people and we must ensure it remains in the best condition possible. Delaney Marling Partnership are honoured to be involved with such an important, stunning and historic building.

Image Credit: Josh Harrison Photography