DMP was commissioned to provide an asset management plan in February 2012 to identify the cost of works required on the school’s property.

Originally built in 1913, the part of the school building which houses the library hadn’t been altered much and, DMP’s asset survey picked up that the main water storage tanks for the school’s heating system were sitting in the roof void in very poor condition. The presence of asbestos used as lagging to the heating pipes had meant the tanks had not been inspected for a number of years and the area was sealed off.

The presence of friable asbestos was particularly dangerous as it breaks down into dust which could be released into the atmosphere and must be removed by specialists.

As a result, the school could have been at risk of failure caused by the water tanks and a number of potential knock on effects that might have been detrimental to the function of the school.

Areas of Consultancy

The team spent 4 days on site which included a full day using access equipment to get to roof areas on the site. Infra-red technology was used to identify heat loss from the building as part of the survey and highlight potential areas for improving the thermal envelope of the building.


Following the site survey DMP collated the information and photographic evidence to put together the asset plan which included items such as fire regulatory issues, disability discrimination works etc.

This plan highlighted maintenance items and provided a 10 year forecast to enable the school to budget for future works. The plan provided assistance and guidance to enable the school to make informed decisions about its building stock and accommodation. It also uncovered a variety of issues within the 100 year old library building.

Particular attention was given to the improvement of the energy efficiency of the room along with the light levels and acoustics. This was undertaken utilising/specifying a range of materials from insulation boards to additional automatic roof lights and translucent boards.

After an extensive assessment, the school used the information to plan their funding applications to the DfEE and DMP assisted the school in compiling funding bids for a number of projects, one of which being the library refurbishment.


Over the course of the project, DMP worked with their expanded team which includes structural engineers, an architect, building control and an asbestos consultant to provide a range of possible designs for the library.

Happy Client

“Thanks to the funding advice and assistance with the DfEE application, our school has a fantastic new library facility with the ‘wow’ factor I asked for. The works were extensive and included the removal of the ceiling to allow the asbestos to be taken out of the roof and the replacement of huge water tanks that had been in situ for decades. The library was then fully refurbished with the installation of a mezzanine level to further enhance the usable learning space in the library.”

“The works were subject to grant funding being awarded and we could not have applied without the advice of DMP. The project was completed as shown within the written programme and slightly under budget, to a standard of finish that both pupils and teachers of the School are delighted with.”

Grahame Hodson, Head Teacher of Beverley Grammar School

DMP helped the school improve the quality of its library as well as remove a significant potential health and safety risk and improve the energy efficiency.

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